VP of Revenue

Who is ePACT?

Named as the North Vancouver Chamber’s Business of the Year 2017, ePACT Network is a rapidly growing technology company providing unique and innovative software that ensures critical data and communications are always accessible for families, organizations, and communities anytime, anywhere.

Why It’s a Great Place to Work

ePACT is an extremely collaborative, innovative and inclusive workplace, where every team member has a voice at the table and all backgrounds and skillsets are celebrated. Our team is made up of passionate ‘change-makers’, committed to making a true difference in the world through personal contributions and delivering outstanding solutions to our customers and users.

At ePACT, we work hard, but take time for team/office fun, whether playing a solid game of ping pong, VR, nerf guns, chair races or office frisbee. Located on the water in beautiful North Vancouver, steps from Lonsdale Quay and the Seabus, commutes are easy as we sit on picturesque parks and overlook mountains and sea. In-office cookouts via BBQ or InstantPot are common, but there’s lots of choice for food, pubs, or outings as well. As a bonus, we’re all pretty hilarious too, so a sense of humour is definitely desired – given even the office dogs are their own little jokers!

Beyond the lively work environment is an atmosphere where you can truly make a mark and grow. We want people who want to ‘own’ their roles, contributing their own brand of creativity, efficiencies, or unique skillsets to ensure ePACT continues to lead as the number one Emergency Network in the world. A few of our achievements include:

  • Graduate of multiple tech programs including GrowLab, Canadian Technology Accelerator-San Francisco, Tech-Women and C100’s 48 Hrs in the Valley;
  • Recipient of the prestigious Federal WINN Grant, multiple IRAP Grants, and Canadian Department of Defence Emergency Innovation Project;
  • Winner of North Vancouver Chamber Business of the Year, BCTIA’s ConnectFX Best In Show, Canadian Financing Forum’s Investor’s Choice Award, Manning Innovation Award Nominee, and ‘Ready to Rocket’ ICT Winner, to name a few;
  • Almost 1.5 Million family users in over 135 countries worldwide, and a customer base across North America

Position Summary

ePACT is looking for a seasoned B2B sales executive and business leader to join the company as VP Revenue, a key member of ePACT’s Executive Team. Developing critical SaaS sales and marketing strategies, this role ultimately drives the ongoing revenue, partner and market opportunities available – and expanding – for ePACT across the US and Canada.

The VP Revenue actively leads a team of sales and marketing professionals responsible for new revenue growth, while also directly supporting the Customer Success Team in its efforts to expand existing client contracts. Existing and new partnerships are also supported by this role, directly broadening ePACT’s brand awareness, marketing opportunities across key markets and territories, sales reach with direct access to partners’ clients, as well as product integrations that support greater stickiness and value-added services to ePACT’s current and future customers.By ensuring the company has the proper sales and marketing oversight, procedures, systems and people in place, the VP Revenue ensures strong growth, financial strength and operational efficiency for ePACT today in North America, and in the future as ePACT expands internationally.


The following make up the core areas of responsibilities for this role:

Revenue Generation: Work with the Leadership team to set and monitor sales targets for Sales and Marketing Teams, Customer Success Managers responsible for upselling/expanding existing client contracts, and key referral partners:

  • You will directly support these teams in meeting and exceeding targets by developing and executing key strategies, implementing new tools and measurable sales processes that effectively drive revenue.
  • For Sales teams, this includes iterating on existing sales processes, optimizing and improving sales cycle and conversion metrics (e.g. ability to identify opportunities or gaps within the customer journey that may enhance the effectiveness of materials, demos and/or steps to speed close of sale).
  • For Customer Success teams, this includes expanding and enhancing key areas or behaviours within the onboarding and client renewal stages that can better support contract expansions, cross-selling and ePACT’s existing record of ‘negative churn’ (e.g. help clients drive expanded use themselves into other programs and adding new features, and ensuring the team has the materials, resources and support needed to hit targets).
  • For Partners, this includes identifying and implementing strategies, resources and processes for existing and new partners to help better take advantage of complementary product offerings, drive access and results for partner events/ marketing opportunities, and ensure effective rewards programs to incentivize their teams in proactively/aggressively promoting and referring ePACT to their customers.
  • Work collaboratively with the Leadership team to identify potential new opportunities to further drive revenue via innovative product offerings, markets or partnerships.

Team Building: All aspects of building, leading, motivating, and supporting your team:

  • Work with Director Sales to support hiring, training, and developing rapidly expanding Sales Team and driving top-end results.
  • Support Director Sales in all aspects of setting and overseeing Sales team, including setting and monitoring goals, objectives, KPIs and overall performance.
  • Set the goals, objectives, and target ROI/KPIs for the Marketing team, using your past experience/understanding of effective marketing strategies, campaigns and channels to ensure the best results from marketing in supporting and driving leads, brand awareness, and channel effectiveness.
  • Support the Customer Success Director in ensuring Customer Success Managers are well positioned with the right tools and support necessary to successfully continue to renew and expand client contracts. This includes potential training/mentoring, creating or tweaking processes and resources to better drive revenue from existing customer base and/or future product feature launches/upselling.
  • Work collaboratively with the Leadership team to continually identify opportunities for team and process improvements, gaps or ‘doubling down’ on effective areas that ultimately ensure a highly successful and motivated team.

Analytics & Business Intelligence: Forecast, measure, analyze and report on the sales pipeline, revenue and sales cycle length, as well as key SaaS KPIs related to customer acquisition, lifetime value, deal size, client expansion, etc.

Finance & Operations: Manage and optimize the sales and marketing team budgets, processes and policies, continually monitoring operations, tools and resources for greatest efficiencies and return on investment. Collaborate across the team where possible to further drive results (e.g. work with Director of Finance to improve contracts, potentially increase new customer deal size and/or reduce the cost of acquisition; work with Customer Success Director and Marketing Director to ensure campaigns, processes, and spend drive client upsell).

Required Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience driving top-line growth and transformation in growing B2B Sales teams and environments; SaaS background, and existing network within public sector/non-profit community organizations strongly preferred.
  • Experience as a senior leader, having led both sales and marketing functional teams for minimum 8 years, collaborating across all corporate areas to ensure revenue results and process efficiencies, tracking and driving KPIs and working closely with executive teams on strategic plans and reporting.
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Commerce, Marketing, Business Administration, or similar with a preference given to MBA.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to identify outstanding brand expansion/recognition opportunities, creative and innovative ideas to drive channel results, and no hesitation in ‘jumping in’ to meet and exceed sales targets.

Who You Are

  • You are a tenacious, data-driven yet approachable leader that knows how get the best out of your team to never miss a target or goal.
  • You are comfortable in both diving deep on metrics/KPIs, or directly supporting others to ensure success – managing numbers and people both come easy to you.
  • You enjoy utilizing your past experience to help others grow, while pushing individuals to perform at their best – constant learning and growing is your personal mantra you want to share with your direct reports/team overall.
  • You are driven to continually identify new opportunities and implement strategies that yield measurable results for your team and the company.
  • You naturally operate cross-functionally and engage others across departments in dialogueto ensure greatest return/output for all.
  • You thrive in high-growth, fast-moving environments, but have a keen ability to identify and focus on the areas of greatest importance/return on investment for your team and the company.
  • The success of your team is incredibly personal for you. You value each person’s contributions, know how to motivate others, quickly and easily identify and support performance issues, and take pleasure in celebrating individual and team wins.

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.