5 Resources for Concussion Education

5 Resources for Concussion Education

Concussion management is a key consideration for sports organizations everywhere. As we learn more about the damage caused by brain injuries like this, we can do more to mitigate them and help athletes suffering to recover safely and as completely as possible. There are many resources for concussion education, and here are five for you to bookmark and share with your colleagues.


Parachute Canada provides resources for preventing injuries and overall safety, and has an entire section about concussions, that includes a variety of resources including:

You can even download their infographic that highlights how much work Parachute has done, and continues to do, in the field of concussion prevention, recognition, and management.


Brainline provides key information about brain injuries and PTSD. Resources include general information about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and key resources, like:

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

The mission of the CDC is protect North Americans from health, safety, and security threats. With an extensive network of experts and resources, the CDC has some great concussion information including:


KidsHealth is the world’s most visited site about children’s health. With information separated into parent and kid-friendly formats, information is in age-appropriate formats that make things easy for everyone to understand:

  • Concussions (for Kids): An overview of the signs of a concussion, how to respond to one, and how to protect the brain ongoing.
  • Concussions (for Parents): An in-depth resource that includes signs and symptoms of a concussion, diagnosis and treatment, and ensuring a safe return to play/school.

Sports Concussion Institute

The Sports Concussion Institute (SCI) provides state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and prevention services to address concussion care needs of athletes, and provide specialized care to those living with traumatic brain injuries. As a leading expert in the field of concussion education, management, and treatment, SCI provides a number of resources for athletes, parents, coaches, and teachers.

  • Baseline Testing: The importance of testing brain function before an injury occurs, so that post-concussion testing can identify the severity of the injury and direct recovery.
  • Resources: Frequently asked questions about concussions as well as individual toolkits for athletes, parents and family, coaches, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

And if you’d like more, here are some other great resources for you to bookmark:

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