Earthquake Series – Preparing for an Earthquake

Recent earthquakes in Guatemala, Northern British Columbia and Alaska have made it clear that most individuals are not prepared to deal with an earthquake. Furthermore, most people don’t know what do during an earthquake, or immediately following one. To help you deal with an earthquake, we’ve compiled key points from Compliance and Safety’s (a provider of comprehensive emergency training guides and videos) complete earthquake guide and created a three part series for you!

Before the Quake: How to Prepare

  • emergency kitCreate an emergency plan and kit
  • Know where your utilities are, and how to turn them off
  • Imagine where’d you go: Know the “safe spots” in every room. For example, identify a desk or table you could duck under during an earthquake
  • Never block exits
  • Make your home a sturdier place
    • Bolt bookcases and anchor heavy furniture or appliances
    • Store heavier objects close to, or on the ground
    • Store flammable liquids away from flame-inducing objects (e.g. stove)
    • Fasten mirrors and heavy paintings away from areas where people usually sit or sleep (e.g. away from couches and beds)

For more earthquake safety tips, check out Compliance and Safety’s ‘Earthquake Safety Tips: A Comprehensive Resource’.

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