Family Preparedness in 26 Pay Days with the Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Red CrossEveryone knows that emergency preparedness can be time consuming and costly, which is often one of the main reasons why families fail to prepare. The Canadian Red Cross has created a new initiative for their employee and volunteer team that will make it easier families to get prepared – Emergency Preparedness in 26 Pay Days. Recognizing that economic conditions are making it difficult for some families to make ends meet, Debra Molesworth, an Assistant Training Coordinator in the BC and Yukon division, created the initiative to make the task less daunting. Here is what Debra had to say about the project:

What is 26 Pay Days to Emergency Preparedness?

26 Pay Days to Emergency Preparedness breaks down emergency kits and plans into small steps, so that individuals can do one small thing each pay day to work towards complete preparedness. It is modeled after an initiative by Emergency Management BC, and we thought of aligning the 26 steps to  pay days in order to make preparedness more manageable for families.

How does 26 Pay Days to Emergency Preparedness work?

Following the guide put out by Emergency Management BC, I send out a reminder to the Red Cross staff and volunteer team every pay day. The email outlines what the preparedness step is for that pay day (e.g. Pay Day 1 is purchasing a portable container to hold your emergency kit), as well as an explanation of what I did to fulfill the step for a four person emergency kit. If the step involves purchasing supplies, I will also send a summary of sales at local stores to make the step easier for the rest of the team.

Who Can Use This Initiative?

26 Pay Days to Emergency Preparedness can be used in any organization, whether they are dealing with an employee team or group of volunteers. From a business point of view, this initiative can really support business continuity, as your employees will be able to return to work more quickly if they were able to take care of themselves in an emergency. It’s also a great way for management teams to show they are invested in the safety and well being of their teams.

Over the next year, Debra will continue with the 26 Pay Days to Emergency Preparedness project with the employee and volunteer team. The ePACT blog will bring you updates every few months on this initiative so you can follow the Canadian Red Cross’ progress!

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