How Will Using ePACT Impact My Recreation Organization?

How Will Using ePACT Impact My Recreation Organization

Here at ePACT, we support recreation organizations across North America in the collection and management of emergency contact and participant health information. From recreation departments and YMCAs to camps and before- / after-school programs, we serve all types of recreation organizations, and ePACT positively impacts staff and families. Here’s how!

Program and Camp Staff

  • Access to participant records on- and offline: ePACT’s Admin App allows authorized staff access to participant records, even when there’s no internet connection. The app is accessible on any mobile device and eliminates the need for heavy binders or folders full of paperwork. The App keeps information secure and prevents it from getting lost, misplaced, or stolen.
  • Communicate in an emergency: Many recreation organizations rely on phone trees to communicate with parents and emergency contacts in the case of an illness, injury, or widespread disaster. With ePACT’s Communication Tools, staff can send voice, email, and text messages from a single dashboard, and can easily make phone calls with one tap in the Admin App.
  • Better preparation for programs: For participants that require special care, Adaptive Recreation staff need to have as much information as possible, and ePACT helps them prepare before a program starts, and ensures that they can help everyone safely participate in activities during the program.

Administrative Staff

  • Easier information management: ePACT allows staff to easily collect and manage any of the paper forms needed for programs, camps, and activities, including those that require a wet signature. Staff can filter records for specific information like allergies or medical issues, and run reports on that information for program preparation.
  • Efficient tracking: Using the Admin Dashboard, staff can easily track who has completed the forms, waivers, and consents you require, and send reminders, with one click, to those who have yet to do so. Staff can also take advantage of automated reminders which make it even easier and faster for staff to collect emergency information and waivers from participants.
  • Time savings: The average paper form takes staff 20+ minutes to administer, from distributing and collecting, to sorting, filing, and following up. ePACT allows staff to easily send out invitations to families to collect critical information to support participants, and manage it from a single dashboard.

Parents & Families

  • No more paper forms: Families use their single ePACT record to store their critical information, emergency contacts, and other important data, and share it with your organization program-after-program, year-after-year. They can also use the same ePACT record to share information with their school, camps, sports associations, and daycare.
  • Update information in real time: Families can update their ePACT record any time information changes, whether it’s a phone number, new home address, or a new medical condition, and all the organizations they are connected to will receive those updates in real-time. There is no need to fill out additional paper forms, and is key to ensuring staff have the most up-to-date information to support participants, especially if a program has already started.
  • Information privacy and security: Information is stored safely in ePACT on servers in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. ePACT meets the same security requirements as online financial institutions, and adheres to privacy legislation in Canada and the United States. Families always own their accounts and the information within them, and completely control who they choose to share their record with.

Overall, ePACT helps recreation organizations throughout North America safely manage health and emergency contact data:

  • Limit access and authorization: One of the biggest challenges to paper forms is the ability to control access to information. Organizations use ePACT to control who has the authorization to view participant data, and ensure that access for program staff is limited only to the participants they are responsible for. ePACT also makes it easy to remove access to information once programs are over, or a staff member leaves the organization.
  • Meet legislative requirements: In the United States, the collection and use of personal health information is regulated by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA); in Canada, it falls under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA), and ePACT meets or exceeds all requirements under these privacy rules.
  • Decreased risk: ePACT decreases risk and liabilities for recreation organizations across the board. If there is an injury or incident to respond to, staff have immediate access to accurate and complete information so that they can provide the best care to participants. ePACT’s communication tools help speed up family reunification and support for participants.


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