Elora Chow

Communications & Client Engagement Manager

Elora Chow“My favorite ‘superhero’ is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Despite being young, she is brave, spunky, and always makes her ohana (family) a priority. Plus she can hula!”

What’s a unique item in your emergency kit?
Hot chocolate mix. I figure that in an emergency I will want pure comfort food, and what could be better than hot chocolate for that?

What do you do at ePACT, and what excites you about the contribution you are making?
A little bit of everything! On a daily basis I can be seen working on branding, social media, media relations, client engagement, special events, or account management. The fact that I am helping to spread the word about ePACT is incredibly exciting, as it means I could actually make a difference in an individuals life when facing an emergency.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
Stand on stage with a rock star! I’ve always wondered what it is like for performers when they have thousands of people cheering them on, and think it would be a pretty cool thing to experience.

Something interesting you might not know about me is...
One of the coolest adventures I have ever been on is an elephant tour in Thailand. And unlike most people, I actually consider white chocolate a member of the chocolate family.