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Top Two Tips For Sending Kids Off to Camp

Now that summer is here, it’s time for your kids to have a little fun! Sending them to camp or other summer programs is a great way for them to learn new skills, make lifelong friends and just enjoy themselves. To help busy families, we’ve put together our top two tips for sending kids to...


Getting Smart with Camp Safety

Running a summer camp or program is a tough job! Besides the obvious tasks, you and your team are also responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for campers of all ages, participating in a wide variety of activities. Here are 3 easy safety tips to help: 1) Be Prepared for All Activities Your...


3 Steps to Complete a Camp Safety Audit

When the camp season comes to an end, and you have celebrated a season full of successful programs, now is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the safety procedures at your camp. Everything is fresh in your mind, as well as your parents and employees. To make sure you identify all concerns and their corresponding solution, here...