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Haiti Earthquake

On January 12th, 2010 a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck 25km west of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. The earthquake affected approximately 3 million people, and sadly, the death toll is an estimated 316,000. After the earthquake, over 19 million cubic meters of debris and rubble was left in Port-au-Prince, which could fill a line of shipping...


New Years Resolution – #Ready2014

Are you #Ready2014? You may be wondering what it means to be #Ready2014, and it is simply about making your New Year’s Resolution one that focuses on your preparedness. This past year we’ve seen numerous severe natural disasters, from Typhoon Haiyan, the numerous tornadoes throughout the Midwest, floods in Colorado, all the way to Hurricane...


Founder Story – I Do it For My Kids

In the Fall of 2011 my kids were returning to school and I was once again completing their paper emergency forms. One night, I was filling out their emergency contacts for what felt like the 70th time that week, and thought back to my friend Ayumi, whose children had sat on a bus for 12 hours...