Collect, manage, and access health forms and COVID-19 data securely

Our mission at ePACT is to give you the safest, most seamless method to store and share electronic health records and emergency information.

Now available are new daily COVID-19 screening, daily health screening, and contact tracing tools to help you re-open and stay open securely.


Go paperless to stop the spread of COVID-19

To adhere to new health and safety guidelines, organizations are rethinking high-touch activities to maintain physical distancing. ePACT makes it easier for community organizers to eliminate paper and minimize contact while running programming that’s safe and engaging.

Contactless Check-In/Out

  • Authorized administrators or signature required
  • QR code scanning for parents

Built-In Daily Health Screening

  • Health screening questions
  • Temperature tracking

Paperless Collection & Management

  • Virtual waivers, consent, and emergency contacts
  • Real-time reporting and assessment

Easy Contact Tracing

  • Search and filter to identify contacts by program/activity
  • Secure confidential data storage and archiving

Responsive Communication Tools

  • Email, text, and voice messages
  • One private dashboard

As the world responds to COVID-19, ePACT is here to support you

ePACT conducted an industry-wide survey of recreation, camp, and childcare organizations to find out how to best prepare facilities for programming that’s safe and still engaging.

The majority of organizations are conducting daily health screenings of members and staff, including temperature checks

are planning to implement paperless administration

are changing drop off and pick up protocols

Download the full report to learn more.

Updated features to make programs safer and still engaging

We’ve updated our features to collect and manage electronic health records (EHR) and communication for COVID-19 reporting and contact tracing, including contactless check-in/out and built-in health screening.



Go paperless with EHR software, manage risks, and provide better care

Visit our COVID-19 resource center to access online tools, webinars and videos, and best practices when it comes to electronic health records and rectrac software, including emergency forms and health forms, to manage COVID-19 effectively.

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