ACTIVE Network Partner

ACTIVE Network is the leading global software provider for activities, programs and events, supporting tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, and millions of individuals and families being ‘active’ each day.

ACTIVE and ePACT have partnered to provide integration between our complimentary software solutions, allowing organizations to better connect with the people they serve, and more easily manage their day to day operations, while preparing for and responding to any potential emergencies.

The ACTIVE and ePACT teams work together to provide clients with integrated solutions, webinars, tools and resources, while also offering existing ACTIVE clients special discounts when adopting ePACT Network.

  • If you’d like to learn more about ACTIVE Network and the range of software solutions they offer, please visit
  • If you’re an ACTIVE client and want to take advantage of special discounts to use ePACT, please contact your ACTIVE Account Manager or simply complete this form