For Families



ePACT is your emergency network, allowing you to securely store all your important information online. You then build support networks for your family by connecting and sharing your ePACT record with friends, relatives and organizations who support you.

Your Data

You own and control your own information. ePACT will never sell your data or share your information with any person or organization without your consent. ePACT also meets legislative requirements for privacy and security that ensures your data remains safe and secure at all times.

Why ePACT is So Important

Whether it’s your kids’ summer camp, sports teams or swim class at the local rec center, ePACT helps organizations better manage your critical information.

Does your son have a peanut allergy? Did your daughter have an concussion last month? Does your infant have their immunizations up to date? This kind of emergency information is critical for organizations to have so they can support your family day to day and in a potential crisis.

ePACT ensures organizations you rely on have secure access to medical issues/requirements for your family, and contact details for you and your support people like your nanny, sister or your kids’ grandparents, so they can always reach you.

We have three kids in elementary and high school. They all have sports and other activities. It’s a nightmare to complete paper emergency forms for our
family every year!

With ePACT, I never have to worry about paperwork again. It’s a breeze to use, and makes our lives
so much easier. Thank you ePACT!

~  Megan L, San Diego, CA


How ePACT Works

Most organizations use ePACT to replace their paper emergency forms, making it easier for you to share your information, while significantly improving their privacy and security standards around your personal data. The average family completes over Six Emergency Paper forms every year, per child!

But ePACT is not just for kids. Mom’s triathlon, Dad’s work or your municipal emergency response teams all can use ePACT to better connect, support and protect your family – all connecting to your One Single, Secure ePACT Record!

It’s Free!

ePACT is free for families to use. Use ePACT for your nanny, babysitter, or simply as a secure online storage space for all your important information. Organizations pay to use the system so they can better collect and manage your information, and communicate with you and your emergency contacts.

If you have organizations who need your emergency information and are using paper forms instead of ePACT, simply print a copy of your ePACT record and submit those! Or let them know you want them to adopt ePACT with our Refer an Organization form.