My hat is off to the ePACT Team – what an exceptional response to get the forms completed and everything configured for the Relief Childcare for Essential Workers program…your efforts are vital to the safety of the community during this COVID-19 pandemic.

YMCA of Greater Philadelphia

Mark Morrison, VP of Information Technology

YMCA of Greater Philadelphia, PA

With ePACT, we’ve saved so much time! The reports are easy to use and have many filtering options. Having access to everything on a tablet is much more convenient than using paper copies, and being able to send out mass communications through ePACT is a huge perk – if a bus is running late, it’s easy to filter attendees, compose a message, and send it out quickly. Staff find the Mobile App user-friendly and it saves them time when looking for information.

Dana Bundy, Early Childhood Supervisor

Deerfield Park District, IL

Using ePACT was a real game-changer for us. For example, on our busiest Monday, before ePACT, we would not know what we were walking in to or how many customers would arrive with outstanding paperwork. And now with ePACT, on the same busiest day, we only had 6 incomplete records, so this really became a non-issue for our team instead of our usual stress. This was a 110% slam dunk for us. Plus our customers loved the quick, easy, and secure process to give us the information we needed. This was a win-win-win!

City of Kettering, OH

Ryan Davis, Superintendent of Administration & Special Projects

City of Kettering, OH

ePACT has helped the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver easily collect critical member information for our Afterschool and Day Camp programs through a secure, online process, while allowing us to archive our records electronically to meet licensing requirements. The Admin App provides our staff with on-the-go accessibility, as well as Communication Tools to share information quickly and consistently with families. As our YMCA has grown, our paper forms process became unmanageable, and with new licensing questions recently added, it was the perfect time to move to ePACT – we’ve eliminated paper forms now and in the future, and can continue to provide the personalized approach our families are used to.

YMCA of Metropolitan Denver

Kelly McMeeking, Sr Program Director

YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, CO

With ePACT, we have resolved our storage issue. We used to have numerous boxes of paperwork to store each recreation season. Now everything is on a thumb drive. With ePACT we have gathered current information from participants. Our registration system doesn’t always capture the most current information, however ePACT has the up-to-date email and phone number for all of our participants, making messaging them easier! Our overall experience is excellent, and the customer service is amazing.

City of Davis California

Tamiko Kwak, Community Services Supervisor

City of Davis, CA

We had to call 911 for an emergency situation while part of a summer camp was at an offsite park. I could not imagine having to deal with this situation using paper forms. I always assumed ePACT would come in handy when something happened but now that it has, I am glad that we have ePACT. It worked so well and the EMS really appreciated me having all the necessary information quickly.

Town of Cary North Carolina

Evan Staley, Program Specialist - Camps

Town of Cary, NC

Our organization has over 5,000 participants at over 40 locations in our childcare and camp programs and managing their paperwork was becoming extremely difficult. ePACT has helped us to streamline our parent packets…families love that their information is in one central location, easy to update, and shareable across our sites. Our staff love the mobility of the information and the ease of reporting – gone are the days of having to go through each file manually to figure out which children have allergies or health plans.

YMCA of the North Shore

Jamie McGrath, Assistant Finance Director

YMCA of the North Shore, MA

We started using ePACT in January 2017, and ever since our camp and preschool registration process has been a piece of cake! I love providing my families with an easy way to complete the required emergency paperwork in a user-friendly, efficient and HIPAA-compliant manner. ePACT is great! It makes our life easy and it will make your life easy too!

Chelsey Adams Fair Oaks Recreation & Parks District

Chelsey Adams, Recreation Supervisor

Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District, CA

ePACT has helped us improve safety in many ways. With their mobile app, we know that our staff can easily access medical records at the park, on field trips, or in transit, while keeping this information secure at all times.

District of West Vancouver Parks, Culture & Community Services

Alison Lea, Assistant Program Coordinator

District of West Vancouver, BC

Our camp staff found ePACT to be a very beneficial system. Overall, ePACT was a great way for us to have participants information in a safe and accessible location, while reducing the amount of paper staff had to carry around.

City of Woodstock

Emma Vondervoort, Recreation Supervisor

City of Woodstock, ON
The YMCA of Greater Brandywine launched ePACT this year, and we couldn’t believe the time savings we experienced. The system saved us 20 hours of administrative time every week at each of our eight branches! The ability to easily track submissions and send reminders throughout our busy camp season was invaluable, and we’re excited to continue using the system through our fall programs.
YMCA Greater Brandywine Logo

Jennifer Lentz, Business Manager

YMCA Greater Brandywine, PA

Switching to ePACT from paper forms provides a convenience for our customers – they only have to fill out the online forms once and can update them as needed when it works for them. Our leaders have faster access to information when needed and are also able to identify medical conditions, such as allergies, quickly and easily. Having the information available on mobile devices means less paperwork and improved security.

District of West Vancouver Parks, Culture & Community Services

Lea Howard, Assistant Program Coordinator

District of West Vancouver, BC

ePACT has helped make our online health forms process a lot easier! We had another company previously, but with ePACT’s ability to modify forms to fit our needs, add members to various groups, and having certain staff members be specifically assigned to certain groups, it just fits our needs perfectly! Also, I greatly appreciate that ePACT has a mobile app that works wherever we need it. Our families have appreciated the change and also like that they can connect siblings and not have to fill out all of the information every single time.

Sara Crombie, Recreation Supervisor

City of Gahanna, OH

I’ve been very impressed with ePACT so far and I am so excited to say it has saved me so much time!!!  It’s allowed me to create a more streamlined and efficient process for parents and has saved me hours upon hours of administrative time. I am really excited to get our summer camp on board with ePACT this summer and hope to roll this out to all our programs in the near future!

Mattie O′Grady, Recreation Supervisor

Town of San Anslemo, CA

ePACT has made life easier for our parents, and provided us with a multi-functional tool which has allowed us to be more effective recreation service providers.

San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Anne Marie Donnelly, Recreation Business Mgr.

San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, CA

Having the most up to date information about our participants in case of an emergency. Being able to get rid of paper and keeping their information secure is a huge plus for our park district.

Schaumberg Park District

Stephanie Gear, Kasper Manager

Schaumburg Park District, IL

I would recommend ePACT to other programs, especially those dealing with large amounts of children or children in different programs. It’s such an easy way to sort through information and keep it relevant, while providing access to the right people as opposed to everybody having access to all of the forms. It also makes it very easy for us to know who you’ve got information for, and quickly access that information in an emergency or when needed.

Lisa Stiver, General Manager

YMCA of Greater Vancouver, BC

Using ePACT has meant that our organization has gone from a 18 page registration package to 2 pages. Our employees can access children’s information with ease at any time and parents can update it as necessary. Recently we added the text and email notification feature and during the recent power outages it meant that we were able to notify families of the outages at the programs, the steps we were taking to ensure their child’s safety, and where to locate us once they arrived.

Amanda Coates, Supervisor

YMCA of Greater Vancouver, BC
Implementing ePACT at the YMCA of Greater Brandywine has helped us improve key operating procedures in many ways. Not only were we able to consolidate our medical forms and waivers across multiple programs to streamline the experience for our families, but we also saved countless hours of administrative time while ensuring the safety of our participants while they are in our care.
YMCA Greater Brandywine Logo

Jennifer Walsh, Director of Software & Reporting

YMCA Greater Brandywine, PA

As a Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator focused on making sure kids with disabilities have support in summer camps throughout the entire San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, ePACT played a key role in streamlining our department’s Inclusion Services during its busiest season.

San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Jennifer Wong, Recreation Coordinator

San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, CA

Our families enjoy the convenience [of ePACT] and we enjoy how quickly customer service responds to our needs and customizes our options. We have been able to streamline and add efficiencies to our registration process. We are very happy with this choice and our families find it very easy and convenient to use.

YMCA Okanagan

Danielle Miranda, General Manager - Childcare

YMCA Okanagan, BC

[We appreciate] how quick and easy it is for parents to go online to fill out and submit their information. Parents also give us more detail when filling out the forms online than when they have used paper forms in the past.

Channon Ames DiCiurcio, Recreation Manager

City of Newton Parks & Recreation, MA

ePACT allows us to create and send specific messaging directly to emergency affected communities in the Squamish-Lilllooet Regional District, sharing important information quickly and easily. We stay directly in touch with enrolled residents, amplifying messaging through our other communication channels, to help people stay safe through timely information.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan, Emergency Management Analyst

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, BC

For more than 30 years in the United States navy, I dealt with disasters around the globe, both man-made and natural, including 9/11. As a Navy Admiral leading and managing the responses to a number of these crises, I know the critical need for having pre-planned responses, real time information, and communication networks in a crisis. As an advisor to ePACT, I wish we’d had this system when we experienced the horrors of 9/11. I believe in the product, and that ePACT can make a difference in a disaster.

Admiral John Stufflebeem, Former Deputy Director

Pentagon, US

With ePACT, we now have a robust, standardized way to collect health and medical information from our players. Since implementing the software, we’ve saved 56 hours of administration time each season, and have received nothing but positive responses from parents, saying that the system is easy to use, and reduces the amount of paper they have to worry about each season. Our coaching staff loves that they can securely access critical information in an emergency, providing support for our players both on and off the ice.

Princeton Youth Hockey New Jersey

Maureen Thompson-Siegel, Administrative Director

Princeton Youth Hockey, NJ

ePACT is easy to use, straightforward and has great customer support. The form is very thorough; it covers all the information our Association needs for our 600+ young athletes. Our parents are happy that they do this once, and easily keep their information updated. Our team managers and coaches appreciate having all the information they need in one accessible spot. We have used ePACT for two seasons and with an overwhelming favourable response from our membership, we didn’t want to return to the paper forms. Thanks very much for making one aspect of sports administration easier at a reasonable cost.

Lynne Cook, Administrator

Crowfoot Minor Hockey Association, AB

With ePACT, emergency information no longer has to printed and stored in a medical kit or coach bag. The security of this information is incredibly valuable, as well as the fact that the information is more likely to stay current and be of more use in an emergency. We’re reducing risks in several ways.

Jeff Mulock, Divisional Soccer Director

North Shore Girls Soccer Club, BC

Everyone knows how demanding hockey is for players. Serious injuries like concussions or fractures are a real possibility during play or practice. ePACT gives us quick access to the emergency information we need so we can provide the best possible care for our athletes during critical situations.

Jason Arbutus Club

Jason Fothergill, League Director

Arbutus Minor Hockey, BC

My favorite feature in ePACT is the mobile app that we can use from our phones. And the communication – the ability to email out to the parents, players and coaches which makes it easier for us to keep information going and to contact our members.

Scott Emsley, Risk Manager

South Delta Minor Hockey, BC

ePACT made our event SO easy to manage from a medical and dietary point of view. It was an easy process to follow and the support was phenomenal!


Cathy Hauen, Administration

Scouts Pacific Jamboree, 2015

The benefit to the league, in a big way, is making sure that if an incident occurs on the field we know we’re protected – we have all the information we need to take care of the athletes. Previously, we didn’t have that information and it could have caused a lot of problems.

Nick Fry

Nick Fy, Board Member

Kerrisdale Little League, BC

My favourite feature in ePACT is the ability to run reports. One of the biggest fears being the risk manager of an association is if all parents have completed their forms. ePACT gives me the ability to go in anytime to quickly identify if there’s anything missing, and then make sure parents fill in the outstanding information and get everything up to date.

Andrew Carniel

Andrew Carniel, Risk Manager

Port Moody Amateur Hockey, BC

When it comes to emergency management, I want everyone connected. ePACT lets schools communicate and share information across all parents and emergency contacts. It absolutely helps schools be a safer place.

Lanny Young

Lanny Young, Principal

Larson Elementary, BC

The greatest benefit of ePACT is that we are getting the information that we need.  The system ensures information is complete and legible, as handwriting often leads to inaccurate information which isn’t updated when necessary.

Capilano Elementary

Jennifer Wilson, Principal

Capilano Elementary School, BC

ePACT truly improves organizations’ ability to support their members. When we accessed injured or ill triathletes’ medical details through ePACT, it reduced the risk of making a mistake in their treatment. It helped us provide them with the best care possible during that critical situation.


Paula, Paramedic

Challenge Penticton, BC