ePACT was created to help families and organizations prepare for and communicate in the event of an emergency. Families join ePACT and build an online account to store their information in a highly secure, web-based system. Any individual that joins ePACT owns the information they add to their account. ePACT does not own this information, but simply provides secure online storage and connectivity options for families.

If an organization asked you join ePACT, they will have access to the information you decide to share with them. ePACT does not have access to this personal information, except in cases where ePACT team is authorized to access the information to support ePACT members.
Data security is ePACT's highest priority. The ePACT network uses industry best practice encryption and security standards to ensure the highest quality data protection for both the system and its users. ePACT is committed to ensuring 24/7 availability, and meeting the same security requirements as Canadian financial institutions. All data is hosted and backed-up within Canada, to ensure complete data protection in case of a large-scale disaster. No information is stored in the USA, nor does ePACT have any third party agreements.

Privacy standards for the ePACT network also align with other province-wide programs, ensuring adherence to government-level privacy standards, including meeting all FOIPPA requirements, for more information, visit our Privacy page.
Only you and those you choose to connect to your account can access your personal information on ePACT. When a family creates an ePACT account, they control the information within that account and decide who has access to their family's information. ePACT users can choose to connect and share information with other contacts, or restrict their account and store information strictly for their own needs, such as printing off hard copies for home or employers to use in case of an emergency.

At no point does ePACT share family account information on a user's behalf.
No added software is required to use ePACT. Our web-based system is accessible through any computer and most tablet and mobile devices, whether at home, work or through a community center, such as a local library.
Emergencies happen every day, and ePACT can be used in any emergency situation - big or small. Here are just a few examples of how ePACT can help in a crisis:
  • An individual is sick or injured at work, and a relative or friend can help support them at the hospital or provide critical information if they are unconscious (e.g. allergies, blood type, medications)
  • A child is sick at daycare and the parents can't be reached, so a friend or relative must be contacted to help care for the child
  • A school crisis, such as a flood or fire, requires students to be evacuated and picked up by their parents or alternate guardians
  • A large scale disaster, like an earthquake, requires individuals, families and organizations to implement their own plans and use their own supplies, rather than relying on over-taxed emergency services
ePACT individual and family accounts are free. For more information about organizational use, please contact us.
There is no limit to the size of your ePACT network. You can connect to as many family members or friends as you like, and share your information with an infinite number of organizations after inputting your details just once.
Feel free to contact the ePACT Team toll-free at 1.855.773.7228, Monday - Friday 9-5pm PST, or email us at info@epactnetwork.com.

If you have any further questions, please see our Help Center.