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No More Paper Forms

Move paper medical, waiver and consent forms online for easier management

One Network for All

Families love using their single account to connect with all their trusted organizations.

The Right Information

Families connect and share their emergency record so you have the data you need anytime, anywhere.

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The Power of ePACT

ePACT connects your members to their entire community. They use just one account to connect with your organization, as well as their sports teams, camp, recreation center, school, and more!

For your organization, ePACT is an incredibly easy-to-use system to collect emergency information, waivers and consents. You can also use ePACT to communicate with your members and their emergency contacts in a crisis. That's better safety, no more paper forms and happier members!

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Countless Benefits
for You and Your Members

Improved Administration
Reduce administration time for emergency information by up to 95%, while restricting access to only authorized administrators.
Better Information
Families are motivated to keep their one account up to date for all organizations - ensuring accurate, complete and legible data.
Greater Access
Replace paper forms and emergency binders with the mobile App, ensuring secure anytime, anywhere access to data - even without internet or cell service!
Enhanced Response
Quickly communicate with your members and their emergency contacts for the fastest family reunification and support.
Happy Members
Families love replacing paper forms for all their organizations with their single account!
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Base Module

Starting at $3/member/year

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Using ePACT over paper forms can reduce administrative time by 95% managing emergency forms, waivers and consents

ePACT can improve the quality of your data by 30%, making your forms more legible, complete and up to date

Organizations can save up to 90% per year in administration costs by using ePACT over paper forms

ePACT vs. Paper Forms

Anytime, Anywhere

With the ePACT App, you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips. So if one of your members is injured, ill or has an allergic reaction, simply pull up their emergency information - even without an internet or data connection.

No matter where you are, ePACT is there!

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"In emergencies, it's really quick and easy for us to access the information we need"

Lisa Stiver, General Manager

Sea to Sky Region of YMCA of Greater Vancouver

Need More Reasons?

The following cases demonstrate just a few reasons why
organizations adopted ePACT to better support their members.

"Our parents are
amazed at how easy it is."

Nick Fry, Board Member
Kerrisdale Little League

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"We know that information is secure, yet we can access it anytime, anywhere"

Jeff Mulock, Divisional Soccer Director
North Shore Girls Soccer Club

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"The take up has been overwhelmingly
positive, and we have a lot of
updates throughout the season."

Scott Emsley, Risk Manager
South Delta Minor Hockey Association.

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"With ePACT we can quickly sort through information, whether it is dietary restrictions, releases or medical alerts."

Lisa Stiver, General Manager
Greater Vancouver YMCA

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The privacy and security of your members' information is our top priority. That's why they own their account and control who they connect and share it with. We maintain - and often exceed - the same standards as online banks and do not share your members' data with anyone without their permission.