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The protection of your information is ePACT's top priority. The system has multiple measures in place to ensure your information is safe, including secure storage in Canada. ePACT has not been affected by the Heartbleed bug, so you can use your emergency network with confidence.

Because I promised to keep them safe

Get to know ePACT

Because in a crisis, I can make a difference.

Get to know ePACT

Because their well-being is my bottom line

Get to know ePACT

Because his safety is my priority

Get to know ePACT

What is ePACT?

ePACT is changing the way the world prepares for life's emergencies. It is the single emergency record and support network for families, and the preparedness standard for any organization. ePACT ensures access to the critical information and emergency communications needed in any crisis.

Why use ePACT?

Emergencies happen, big and small.
Support and protect the ones you care for.

Single Emergency Record

It's all in one place. Medical conditions, allergies and emergency contacts when you need it the most.

Secure & Private

The security of your network is our highest priority. We meet or exceed the same privacy and security standards of major financial institutions in North America.

Comprehensive Support Network

Connecting families, emergency contacts and organizations, ePACT provides a broader support network to help in any crisis.

Multiple Communications

Communicate via SMS, email and system to system messaging so everyone receives important alerts when it counts the most.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

No matter the crisis, get the information and communications you need via web or mobile phone.

Save Time, Cost & Paperwork

Never fill out or manage a paper form again. Securely store critical information online with quick and easy management and access.

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How it Works

ePACT is a secure, online network that directly connects families and organizations so they can share critical information and communicate in any crisis.

Families create their single emergency record, then securely share this with those who support them. For organizations, ePACT replaces antiquated processes, like paper emergency forms and phone trees, providing a central place to manage emergency preparedness and response tools.

For Families

ePACT is peace of mind, safety and support all in one.

In a few quick steps, you can build your free emergency record, securely storing medical and contact details for your entire family. Connect and share this with your nanny, neighbour, or friend, and any organization that needs this to support you in your life.

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For Organizations

Because safety is your bottom line

Emergency preparedness, response, safety and support, all integrated into one solution. The online system ensures you have instant access to the critical information and emergency notification resources you need. ePACT will navigate you through any emergency to reduce your risks and keep those important to you safe.

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The impact of ePACT

Find out how ePACT is making a difference for families and organizations.

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