5 Resources to Get Ready for a Safe Baseball Season

Photo by: Tony Bernard, Flickr

Spring will soon be in the air (or at least we hope so!) and that means Batter up for baseball players! Registration for most baseball leagues is underway, with the season starting in just a couple months.

Although youth baseball isn’t a contact sport, emergencies and injures do occur.  In fact, a report from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission cited that over 414,000 Americans were treated for baseball related injuries in 2010 alone! To ensure a safe and happy season here is a summary of helpful safety resources for baseball teams:

Baseball Safety Tips: from Kids Health

Baseball injuries from wild pitches and collisions can present a real risk of injury. This resource offers advice on the right type of gear, the use of breakaway bases, and before and after game activities that support safety. They also provide reminders on pitching rules and limits.

Many Injuries in Youth Baseball are Preventable: from Moms Team

Moms Team is a leader in educating and advocating for youth sports safety. This resource on preventing injuries for young baseball players offers comprehensive guidelines and suggestions for both parents and coaching teams, including:

  • Pre-season injury prevention – how to make sure your child is healthy and in proper physical condition to play ball before the start of the season.
  • Ensuring coaches are qualified – an overview of the credentials that coaches should have so that parents can check that their coach is qualified for the role.
  • Before practices and games –safety precautions to take for the athlete and the field before every practice and game
  • During practices and games – great game and practice guidelines, including equipment and hydration suggestions to get your athletes through the game safely.
  • Safety during the baseball season – general safety recommendations such as watching your child’s coach, limiting pitching and never allowing players to play through pain.

ASAP Safety Program: from Little League

The Little League ASAP Safety program (A Safety Awareness Program) was established in 1994 with the objective of increasing “Little League’s overall safety awareness and reducing insurance costs for participating leagues.” This safety program is collaborative, as participating leagues contribute safety ideas to ASAP to be shared with other leagues throughout North America. The ASAP program offers resources to participants such as safety program forms, presentations and posters.

Spring Sports – Baseball: from ePACT

Most cases of baseball injuries have to do with some form of contact, whether it’s with a ball, bat, or other player. Some common baseball injuries include muscle pulls, sprains, cuts and bruises, but can also be more serious with broken bones or concussions. This article from our blog offers suggestions on how to prevent injuries with different strategies – from warm-ups to pitch counts to proper equipment.

How the North Shore Girls Soccer Club Increased Safety for Their Players with ePACT

With an exciting season ahead, it’s important to focus on what matters most – your athletes. Consider using ePACT to eliminate paper forms, and increase safety for your team. In this blog, Jeff Mulock of the North Shore Girls Soccer Club tells you how their league did just that.

Baseball is the all American pastime and a great team sport! We hope that we have helped make it a safe and happy experience.

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