Your School’s Health & Safety Network

We help parents securely store and safely share health-related and emergency information, giving your administration a quick and easy way to collect, manage, and access the essential data you need.

Multiple Devices

In moments of uncertainty, ePACT’s got your back.

ePACT offers a contactless, paperless method for school administrators to securely collect, manage, and communicate essential student information and updates. This includes emergency contact information and instructions, forms for medical, waivers, and consent, and personal health and safety needs. ePACT gives families a Private Personal Emergency Record (PPER)™ to securely store and safely share student and household information directly with your school.

Manage risks and provide better care:

  • Reduce liabilities with a HIPPA-compliant system
  • Make travel and release easier with paperless forms
  • Create safer classrooms with secure, detailed reports
  • Communicate with student personal-support networks
  • Access records from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone

Collect and manage data in real-time:

  • Personal and family information, emergency contacts and instructions
  • Immunization records and medication authorization forms
  • Allergies, dietary restrictions, and health needs
  • Signed consent & waiver forms
  • Essential COVID-19 data

How ePACT Works

Sign Up

We’ll set up your private ePACT account, which integrates with your existing registration system, and build your forms into your account.

Invite Your Students

Parents or students receive an email request to create or update a PPER to securely share student information with your school.

Set It and Forget It

Families share and update one record with your organization. You can automate reminders to keep records up-to-date.

Designed for communities made to endure.

Data Collection & Management

Get essential data like emergency contact information and individual health needs quickly.

Waivers & Consents

Collect forms virtually via eSignature for families and individuals to review and accept with a single click.

Paperless Check In & Check Out

Go paperless to facilitate safe, seamless drop-offs & pick-ups and archive records for licensing requirements.


Allow authorized staff to securely access records via desktop, tablet, and mobile—online, offline, and on the go.

Capilano Elementary


“ePACT resolves a lot of issues that schools deal with year in and year out, in terms of paperwork being incomplete or not returned, and parents not communicating with their alternate guardians.”

Jennifer Wilson
Capilano Elementary School, BC

École Larsen Elementary


“When it comes to emergency management, I want everyone connected. ePACT lets schools communicate and share information across all parents and emergency contacts. It absolutely helps schools be a safer place.”

Lanny Young
Larson Elementary School BC

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