Your Health & Safety Network

We help families and individuals securely store and safely share health-related and emergency information, giving organizations a quick and easy way to collect, manage, and access the essential data they need.

The Power of ePACT

ePACT’s Private Personal Emergency Record (PPER)™ allows families and individuals to securely store and safely share essential information with community organizations, ensuring the right data is in the right hands when it matters the most.

One seamless method for community leaders:

  • Contactless essential data collection and management
  • Paperless forms for safe, seamless check-in and outs
  • Accessible, HIPAA-compliant data for real-time communication and reporting
  • Responsive dashboard for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

One secure record for families and individuals:

  • Allergies, dietary restrictions, and health needs
  • Informed consent and permission slips
  • Emergency and pick-up contacts
  • Essential COVID-19 information

In moments of uncertainty, ePACT’s got your back.

Millions of families, individuals, and community leaders across North America depend on ePACT to securely store and safely share health-related and emergency information to go paperless, manage risks effectively, and provide better care.

ePACT Parks & Recreation

Parks & Rec

Seamlessly collect and access participant health and safety information—online, offline, and on the go.

ePACT Non-Profit Organizations


Join YMCAs, Camps, and JCCs transition member emergency-management processes onto one virtual network.

ePACT Private and Public Schools


Safely manage student health information, consents and travel forms for all students from a private dashboard.

ePACT Sports Associations

Sports Associations

Securely collect player health information in minutes and access team data instantly on your mobile device.

YMCA of the North Shore

“ePACT has helped us to streamline our parent packets. Families love that their information is in one central location, easy to update, and shareable. Staff love the mobility of the information and the ease of reporting.”

Jamie McGrath, Assistant Finance Director
YMCA of the North Shore, MA

Designed for communities made to endure.

Contactless Data Collection & Management

Get essential data like emergency contact information and individual health needs quickly.

Virtual Waivers & Consent

Collect forms virtually via eSignature for families and individuals to review and accept with a single click.

Paperless Check In & Check Out

Go paperless to facilitate safe, seamless drop-offs & pick-ups and archive records for licensing requirements.

Responsive Communication Tools

Privately share information and updates by email, text, and voice messages from a single dashboard.

Join ePACT Today

It’s quick and easy to get started, but every organization is unique. Let’s connect to talk about how ePACT can help you go paperless, manage risks, and provide better care based on your organization’s needs.