More than just emergency and health forms

Take a look at ePACT’s features that offer community organizations a powerful solution for everything they need and more.


Multiple devices

Here’s how we’re different

Data Collection & Management

Collect medical and emergency information for families, and easily manage additional information such as waivers, consents, special accommodations, immunization records, medication authorization forms, and much more.

Waivers & Consents

Add required waivers and consents to member records for families to review and accept with a single click, before sharing their record with your organization.

Paperless Check-In & Check-Out

Go paperless to facilitate safe, seamless drop-offs & pick-ups and archive records for licensing requirements.

Responsive Communication Tools

Privately share information and updates by email, text, and voice messages from a single dashboard.

Shared Files

Collect and manage additional forms that require a wet signature, such as an immunization form or a third-party rock climbing waiver. Track their collection and filter for them so that your organization can collect all the information and forms you need in one place.


Families accept waivers with a date-stamped electronic signature and IP address, helping to ensure your organization meets its licensing, legal, and insurance requirements.

Mobile App Access

Secure access to member emergency data anytime, anywhere, even without an internet or cellular connection. This allows staff to view medical and contact details at a glance, and communicate quickly in an emergency.

Communicate with your members

Roll Call Messaging

Send two-way text communications that require a response from recipients. Easily track delivery and answers from members when assistance is needed in an emergency or to ensure staff are safe if off-site.

Email Messaging

Communicate with members and their emergency contacts via email message to share important information, such as emergency alerts or general updates.

SMS (Text) Messaging

Communicate through ePACT via text message with members and their emergency contacts who have verified their mobile numbers with ePACT.

Voice Messaging

Communicate through ePACT via voice message to members and emergency contacts so those who may not have email or mobile phone access continue to receive important information when they need it.

Powerful reporting and archiving features


Securely store archived views of records online to meet your organization’s legislative requirements, and ensure long-term data retention.


Filter out members to identify outstanding information required by your organization, search for records with additional notes and comments, and look for members with specific information, such as medical or dietary conditions.

Advanced Reporting

Generate customized reports for critical member details such as allergy reports, authorized pick up lists, members with special conditions, and more.

World-class customer service

Dedicated Account Manager

Direct, one-on-one support from one of ePACT’s Customer Success Account Managers who will provide technical assistance, answers to general questions, and strategic account management to ensure success with ePACT.

Support & Online Training

Technical and account support available by phone (toll free) or by email. Regular online training available for organization and group administrators.

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