Prepare, Act, Connect, Thrive

ePACT’s promise has always been to keep Parks & Recreation Departments, Non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Sports Associations, and other corporate and community organizations equipped with the essential data they need.

ePACT for Community Leaders

Organizations use ePACT to replace binders and cabinets of paper forms with a single Private Account and Real-Time Dashboard. Accurate, easy-to-read information like health records, check-in/out forms, and informed consent, is safely shared and seamlessly updated online. With access to records of all participants, members, students, players, and employees under your care and supervision, you can streamline information collection processes, create private, detailed reports for safe programming, and reduce the risks and liabilities involved with managing sensitive information.

ePACT for Families & Individuals

Families and individuals join ePACT to quickly turn stacks of paper forms into a single Private Personal Emergency Record (PPER)™.

Everyday essential information like health needs, emergency contacts, and informed consent is securely stored in one PPER for each family and individual, and safely shared in real-time with the community organizations you rely on everyday. By owning, updating, and choosing who to connect and share a PPER with, you can build your own private, personal support network with the people and organizations you trust.

World Class Privacy & Security

ePACT is SOC 2-compliant and meets or exceeds legislative privacy requirements including HIPAA in the US and PIPA, PIPEDA, and FOIPPA in Canada. ePACT is hosted on Microsoft Azure to offer resiliency and protection through decentralized data storage.

This combination of privacy and security measures means that the necessary operational controls are in place so that you can handle data that’s already been safeguarded and is compliant.

Join ePACT Today

It’s quick and easy to get started, but every organization is unique. Let’s connect to talk about how ePACT can help you go paperless, manage risks, and provide better care based on your organization’s needs.