ePACT for Youth Programs – FAQs

Wondering how ePACT can streamline the collection of participant medical and emergency information for your youth programs? Keep reading for the answers to our most frequently asked questions from recreation departments and YMCAs.

1) How secure is ePACT?

The security of ePACT is modelled after the security standards for online banks, and in some cases ePACT exceeds those standards.  As a company, we are also HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant in the USA, and FOIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) compliant in Canada.

Individuals own their account and the information in it, and only they can decide whom they share their information with.

2) Can we control who has access to specific records?

ePACT enhances privacy for your members with different administrator permissions– front line staff, supervisors and administrators can be assigned to view records for all your members or just the ones they are responsible for (e.g. A camp manager can only see the campers for a specific session or location).

In addition, administrator roles can easily be removed whenever needed. For example, at the end of a camp week, you can easily remove your camp administrators so they no longer have access.  And, at any time, you can easily re-add them.

3) How easy is it for parents to complete information?

We constantly hear from families how much they love the system. Whether it’s using one account to share information across all the programs, or the ability to update information in one place, families value the time savings and convenience that ePACT offers. Our surveys found:

  • 91% of families prefer to use ePACT over paper forms
  • 93% of families find ePACT easy to use
  • 93% of families agree that ePACT makes them feel safer, and would enable them to better manage an emergency situation.

4) Can we archive information and store it locally?

With ePACT, you can archive any records that are needed. Instead of locking away thousands of paper forms each year, you can securely store electronic archives for enhanced privacy and easier management. And when archived records need to be destroyed, simply delete a PDF instead of shredding thousands of forms.

5) How is this different from information that we collect in our recreation management system?

ePACT complements your Recreation Management System in many ways:

Right Information – ePACT’s emergency network was designed to help recreation departments collect the right amount of information to properly support their members.  Whether it’s specifics on allergies, immunizations, or the administration of medications, ePACT helps recreation departments easily collect the information they need.

HIPAA compliance – ePACT ensures that recreation departments are HIPAA compliant for sensitive information.

Improved access – Gone are the days of carrying around binders full of forms or zip-lock bags full of index cards.  Our secure, password-protected app ensures this information can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

6) How do we access records if there is limited or no internet connection?

ePACT ensures your team has redundant access to member records. The app allows your staff to access medical records and contact information at any time, even without an internet connection. In addition, critical information can be accessed via a computer or printed as needed.

Want a first-hand look at ePACT?

See a Demo of ePACT
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