Feature of the Month: Special Accommodations


With many organizations preparing for Spring Break and Summer Camps, providing the best care and support to every family is top of mind. For participants that require specialized care, Adaptive Recreation staff need to have as much information as possible – this helps them prepare before a program starts, and ensures that they can help everyone safely participate in activities during the program.

This month, we’re introducing our new Special Accommodations module, which can be included as part of the standard ePACT process for any organization. This feature complements the collection and management of emergency information and important medical details, so that staff have everything they need to support their program members in one place.

Designed by Adaptive Rec specialists, the Special Accommodations module includes three categories of conditions, with the option to provide additional information for any condition:

  • Diagnosed Physical Conditions – this includes conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Autism, or Cerebral Palsy
  • Mental, Behavioural and Emotional Conditions – this includes conditions such as anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD
  • Other Physical Considerations – this includes weakness in extremities, paralysis, and the use of devices such as crutches, braces, or pacemakers, to name a few

Staff always have the option to view these critical details anytime, anywhere using the ePACT App.

Special Accommodations Module in ePACT

Here’s a quick look at ePACT’s Special Accommodation’s module and how it collects information about these various conditions and considerations:

Families select from a list of Diagnosed Physical Conditions, and have the option to provide information about other symptoms.


Families choose from a list of Mental, Behavioural, and Emotional conditions, and are prompted to provide additional details about diagnoses, triggers, symptoms, and frequency.


Families can choose from a list of additional Physical Considerations, and are prompted to provide additional details, including treatment and symptoms.

If you are an existing customer and would like to have this module activated on your organization’s account, please reach out to your ePACT Account Manager today.

If you’re not an ePACT customer and you would like to see how your organization can use the Special Accommodations Module:

See a Demo of ePACT
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