Stay Warm With Winter Play

Stay Warm With Winter Play

There’s nothing more fun than getting a chance to play in the snow or enjoy some of that crisp winter air. When there’s a snow day, it’s the perfect occasion to get the toboggans out, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. Whatever your winter wonderland looks like, make sure you and your little ones Stay Warm With Winter Play with our quick tips for a healthy season:

Age-Appropriate Layering

Keep babies warm while outside with a sling or baby carrier, and wear your winter jacket over the top so your baby stays close to your body for warmth. For young toddlers use fleece blankets or kids’ sleeping bags to create a warm, cozy stroller while you’re outside.

Older toddlers and children are more mobile so they’re easier to dress for the occasion. Remember to do so in a way that keeps them warm as they head outside but also allows them to cool down once they’ve started playing and moving around. Opt for layering similar to adults (plus one additional layer) so they can remove clothing as needed without catching a chill. For more ideas, check out 9 Winter Dressing Tips for Children.

Take Regular Breaks

Even if the weather is decent while your little ones are outside, encourage them to take regular breaks and come inside. Ideally, they’re playing in an area that’s close to warm shelter, like their own home or that of a friend, which makes these scheduled moments a lot easier. This is a great opportunity to check that your snow adventurers are still warm and dry and to make sure they get a warm drink if they need it. It’s also a good time to hydrate!

Keep Snacks Handy

Kids get hungry while playing at the best of times, but in cold weather, their bodies burn more calories to stay warm. If those calories aren’t replaced, your child will start to get colder as their body has fewer energy resources to burn. Hot chocolate on breaks can help as the sugar creates a boost for energetic kids but for on-the-go families granola bars are an easy option as are bags of trail mix or dried fruit.

Warming Tools

Sometimes the cold creeps in and it can be hard for kids to stay warm. Carry a few hand warmers with you to tuck in mittens and gloves when the occasion calls for it (they work for boots and cold feet as well). If you planned to have a warm drink or soup with you, a thermos can act as a hand warmer! And don’t forget that, whatever age your child is, warm boots/shoes, gloves or mittens, and a hat keeps their extremities warm (and dry) too.

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