5 Ways to Stay Safe While Trick or Treating

5 Ways To Stay Safe While Trick Or Treating

Halloween is almost here, and with it comes the opportunity to get creative with costumes and make up, and get caught up in the excitement of Trick or Treating. Whether you accompany your little ones as they go door to door or they’re old enough to go out by themselves, we want to make sure you and your children have some safety tips to keep in mind as we enjoy the spookiest night of the year!

Walk Safely

It’s always important to be aware of traffic and to cross roads safely and at intersections, but more so on Halloween, given the number of people out and about enjoying the festivities.

  • Always use appropriate crossing points and those with traffic signals and crosswalks
  • Look left and right before you cross, and as you continue to cross the street
  • Don’t charge out from between parked cars to cross the street
  • Always use sidewalks or proper paths. If there aren’t any, and you must walk on the road, do so facing traffic as far to the left as possible
  • Put smartphones in a pocket and keep eyes ahead to avoid bumping into anything or anyone, or losing track of where you’re going

Stay Visible

Safe While Trick or Treating_VisibleNow that we are well into the Fall season, the evenings are darker much earlier than they were a few weeks ago, so it’s important to stay visible to vehicles and other Trick or Treaters, especially when crossing the road:

  • Apply reflective tape to costumes, placing it on arms and legs so that it catches the light effectively while walking or moving.
  • It’s also a good idea to give kids a flashlight so that they can be seen by cars, but also so they can see what’s in front of them as they make their way through the neighbourhood.
  • It might also be a good idea to carry a white pillowcase or bag for candy, and you can even add a few reflective strips there too!

For extra tips on how to be as visible as possible on Halloween, check out our blog post, Halloween Street Safety.

Travel with Others

Whether your kids are heading out with friends, or you’re going with them, it’s always a good idea to travel with others:

  • Being in a group of three or more makes everyone much more visible to traffic, and you can rely on general safety in numbers.
  • Always plan your route ahead of time – if you’re with your kids, this can prevent a long walk that gets to be too much for little legs; if your kids are out with friends, confirm the route they’re going to take and make sure they stick to familiar areas that are well-lit.
  • Consider setting a curfew for kids who are going out by themselves so that they are home at a safe hour, and make sure they have a way to contact you if necessary.

Keep Costumes Safe

Safe While Trick or Treating_CostumeIt’s easy to get excited with the options for costumes at Halloween so it’s important to make sure that they are safe for your children, especially as they head out Trick or Treating:

  • Avoid masks as they can make it hard for kids to see where they are walking, and can also make it a challenge to breathe easily, so consider using make up to replicate a mask wherever possible.
  • Make sure costumes fit properly – if they’re too loose or long, they can get caught in feet, branches, or other people (!) as your little ones are out walking around.
  • Add emergency contact information to your little one’s costume as a tag that can be tucked in a sleeve or collar. This way, if you’re not with your kids, or you get separated, their emergency information will be with them, and easily accessible

For more on costume safety, check out our blog, Halloween Safety: Costume Preparedness.

Wait to Eat Candy Until You’re Home

Encourage your children to wait until they are home before digging into their candy collection. Not only can some candies be considered a choking hazard for younger children, but it’s important to make sure that nothing has been tampered with or opened before making its way into your kids’ candy bucket.

Halloween is one of the most fun events throughout the entire year, so we understand how excited everyone can get for it. We’ve found some additional resources to review, to make sure you and your family are ready for a safe, fun Halloween!

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