About Us

Learn how ePACT came to be and meet the team that is building your personal, private emergency and health records solution.


The story behind ePACT

ePACT was inspired by our friend Ayumi, who was separated from her two daughters during the horrific 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Without any phone or text communications available, Ayumi had no idea if her family was safe. A full 24 hours after the disaster occurred, she was relieved to receive an email from her mother who had collected the girls from school and was caring for them during the crisis.

After hearing Ayumi’s story, we looked in our own backyard and learned that North America has its own emergency management gaps: whether relying on phone trees and paper emergency forms in most of our organizations, or neglecting to create personal plans for our families. And thus, ePACT was started.


Meet the team that is redefining personal electronic health records

We believe in making a difference by following our passion. Our senior team is comprised of award-winning
entrepreneurs, technologists, usability experts and emergency management specialists. Together, we combine
our expertise with our drive to better connect and protect the communities we love.

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