How Will Using ePACT Impact My School?

how will using epact impact my school

ePACT supports all types of schools across North America in the collection and management of emergency contact and student health information. From public to private, and even outdoor schools, ePACT works alongside Student Information Systems to support students and positively impacts staff and families too. Here’s how!

Administrative Staff

Each school year, staff send students home with a huge packet of paper forms that cover everything from emergency contact information and allergies, to permission slips and signed consents – packets that are often forgotten in the bottom of a bookbag…

  • Streamline information processes: ePACT allows staff to easily collect and manage any of the paper forms needed for students, including those that require a wet signature, in a single record. Staff can view outstanding requests at a glance, and send reminders to families with a single click.
  • Improve the quality of information: With ePACT, information is collected and submitted digitally, and records are standardized into an easy-to-read PDF format so that there’s no issue with illegible or incomplete information. If your school is required to have paper forms, faculty can easily print ePACT forms, which are easy to sort and read through if necessary.

Nursing and Safety Staff

From nursing and safety staff to teachers and administrators, ePACT makes accessing student information so much easier, so that they can respond to student needs immediately.

  • Communicate in an emergency: Rather than relying on phone trees or outdated email lists, ePACT allows you to send voice, email, and text messages in one go from your administration dashboard or the mobile app so that parents, guardians, and emergency contacts have all the information they need as soon as possible.
  • Access information on the go: ePACT’s Admin App is available on any mobile device and allows authorized staff access to student records, even when there’s no internet connection. The App keeps information secure and prevents it from getting lost, misplaced, or stolen, and makes scenarios like accidents or controlled releases that much easier to deal with.
  • Facilitate controlled releases smoothly: A controlled release can often be challenging, especially when you have younger children who need to be reunited with a parent, guardian, or alternate pick up contact. ePACT’s Check In, Check Out feature on the mobile app makes reunification smooth and safe for everyone.


Families in North America fill out more than 9,000,000 paper forms each year for schools, sports associations, and community programs. With so many forms requested by a multitude of organizations, parents may find themselves spending hours hand-writing the same information over and over.

  • A single record: The biggest benefit is that families fill out their information once, and share those details across all the organizations that they’re connected to. They can update or change information at any time, and provide those updates in real-time across all of those organizations, which eliminates the concern about outdated paper forms – in addition, staff always have the most accurate student information to hand.
  • Better privacy and security: With ePACT’s secure online system, families can be sure that their child’s information is stored safely and protected at all times. ePACT meets the same security requirements as online financial institutions and adheres to privacy legislation in Canada and the United States. Families always own their accounts and the information within them and completely control who they choose to share their records with.

Want to learn more about ePACT for schools? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly to discuss how your school can benefit from replacing paper forms, improving student safety, and ensuring happier families:

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