Feature of the Month: ePACT’s Communication Tools


Do you know if the organizations that you are connected to have emergency communication plans in place? It’s not something we like to think of, but it’s very important to know how you will be alerted in an emergency, big or small!

Besides the collection and management of emergency information, ePACT also has excellent communications tools. Organizations can communicate through ePACT via email, text and voice messaging in one step. Using one tool to communicate through three channels ensures redundancy, so you can be confident that your members are receiving the messages that they need to.

Here are just a few scenarios where ePACT’s communication tools can significantly speed up support in any emergency:

  • A flood at the recreation center has led to an evacuation to the library. Recreation staff use ePACT to send an email and text message to all the parents of the participants in their daycare, aquatics, and sports programs to let them know of the alternate pick-up location.
  • A hockey player is injured at a game. The coach can send one message to his parents and emergency contacts to speed up his pick-up and assistance.
  • A community has been impacted by a wildfire, and needs to send out information to residents on road closures and evacuation notices. With ePACT, they send an email, text and voice message to all registered residents in minutes.
  • The bus for a field trip is delayed because of an accident on the bridge, and the kindergarten class will be late returning to the school. The schools can quickly send a notice to all parents to let them know of the delay, and the time they should arrive at the school for pick-up.

ePACT’s communication tools in action

1) Select your recipients, including legal guardians, emergency contacts, or both. For organizations communicating with adult members or residents, they can communicate directly with their members as well as their emergency contacts.

ePACT communication tools

2) Prepare your message. With an easy copy and paste, you can send an email, text and voice message in seconds!

ePACT communication tools message composer

3) Send your message to your members and emergency contacts!

epact communication tools

Roll Call

ePACT also has 2-way text communications, called Roll Call. With this feature, administrators send out text messages that require a response, and can easily track delivery and answers from their members. For example, if the camp is flooded, organizations can send our roll call messages to their employees to see who is available to come in and assist.

Another practical use of roll call includes a company supporting field employees that need to do multiple check-ins each day. The company can send a roll call message to ensure that their workers are safe.

ePACT communication tools admin dashboard

Want to learn more about how your organization can use ePACT’s communication tools?

See a Demo of ePACT

Or if you’re an existing ePACT client, just let your Account Manager know which of ePACT’s communication tools you’d like to try.

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