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5 Steps to Become a Camping Expert

It’s camping time! Picnics and activities in the day, and of course, campfires at night, are all part of the fun and excitement of camping. With school out and summer here, now is the time for weekend getaways and camping excursions. Before you head out, we wanted to provide you with some tips on how...


Wildfire Awareness Week

Wildfire Awareness Week is upon us! Each year, wildfires burn across the globe, including our own backyards here in British Columbia. In 2012, wildfires burned over 9.3 million acres in the United States alone. Surprisingly, wildfires are most often triggered by human actions, although this is usually done unintentionally. Here are some tips to help...


Christmas Tree Safety

Cold temperatures, snow, red cups at our favorite coffee shops, and malls playing Christmas music – December has certainly arrived! The winter season always brings cold weather, but also the added warmth of holiday spirit!  Many people cite Christmas trees as one of their favorite holiday traditions. Trees garnished in ornaments and lights are a...