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Everything you need to know about Volcano Preparedness!

The sleeping beauty of the natural disaster world – volcanoes are an interesting topic, and one that too often gets overlooked. Volcanoes aren’t always thought of as a risk for a number of reasons. You may not know where an earthquake will strike, but you certainly can’t miss a volcano in the distance. They are...


The Most Severe Natural Disasters of 2014, So Far

Can you believe it’s already the middle of June?! We certainly can’t! This year continues to fly by, but we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the natural disasters that have occurred since January. Each natural disaster acts as a reminder to never underestimate the power of Mother Nature, and...


Landslides: 530 Slide

Just a few weeks ago on March 22nd, a major landslide occurred in Oso, Washington. A portion of the unstable hillside collapsed, sending mud and debris down into the river valley below while taking nearly everything in its path down with it. 41 people have been confirmed as casualties to the slide, but a number...