Tips To Prevent Autumn Injuries

Tips to avoid autumn injuries

Did you know that up to 40% of deaths each year are from preventable injuries? OK, that’s a pretty morbid statistic to open with but it’s important to understand how much we can do to prevent some of the most common injuries. With that in mind, here are a few Tips to Prevent Autumn Injuries for you to keep in mind this season.

Know Which Injuries Are Preventable

It’s true that accidents and emergencies happen unexpectedly all the time, but there are a number of injuries that can be prevented before it even gets to that point. The top 10 preventable injuries include poisoning, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and drowning, with those first three accounting for 82% of all preventable deaths – that’s a lot!

Keep Safety Top Of Mind During Sports

The Fall season means the start of some popular sports for kids, including hockey, soccer, ringette, and football. Whether you’re a volunteer, coach, or parent, you can do your part to prevent injuries on the ice, field, or pitch:

  • Ensure players have the right equipment for the sport they’re playing
  • Know the signs of a concussion and ensure a safe return to play
  • Prevent overuse injuries wherever possible

Don’t Let Yard Work Get You Down

The leaves look beautiful in Autumn but they can mean a lot of yard work once they’re off the trees. If you’re planning on preparing your yard for the colder months, take a moment to consider your physical safety so you can avoid injury during the process:

  • Warm up: This might sound silly for yard work but it’s still physical exercise! Just as you would stretch before a run or a workout in the gym, you should do the same before heading out into the yard. Get the blood flowing so you’re more limber and less prone to muscle strains while you work.
  • Wear the right clothes: Even though you might work up a sweat, remember that the weather is cooler and temperatures are much lower than they have been for the last few months. Wear clothing that allows your body to move but that isn’t loose enough to get caught on things and wear layers so that you can take one off at a time as you warm up.
  • Change sides: We all tend to favour one hand or side over the other in any activity, so try to switch sides as regularly as possible to avoid overuse or repetitive strains on your muscles.

Watch Your Step!

Whether you’re walking to the bus stop, enjoying a jog around the neighbourhood, or taking the kids to school, wear the right shoes to do so and always watch where you’re walking. Shoes with a sturdy sole and grip can prevent slips and falls on icy, snowy, or uneven walking surfaces. Wet leaves can also be a hidden slip hazard so keep your eyes peeled and clear them from the sidewalk outside your house if applicable.

Think About Your Pets

Just like us, our pets need to be safe this season and many of the things we do or use as their humans can cause illness or injury to them:

  • Keep holiday food out of reach as many are toxic to pets, like garlic, some nuts, and fruits like grapes.
  • Watch for wildlife that might be foraging for food in preparation for hibernation and keep a safe distance if you cross paths.
  • Steer clear of wild mushrooms (Fall is one of two key mushroom seasons) to avoid your pup eating one that could be highly toxic to them.
  • If you’re winterizing your vehicle, keep anti-freeze stored away securely and clean up any leaks or spills immediately – it’s sweet flavour is appealing to pets and is extremely toxic to your pets.

Autumn is such a beautiful season. Make sure your entire family enjoys it without the worry of injury by taking care before jumping into seasonal activities, and paying attention to the change in temperature and weather.

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