How ePACT Complements Your Recreation Management System

ePACT rec management system
Recreation management systems collect basic medical information and emergency contact details.
Recreation management systems collect basic medical information and emergency contact details.

At ePACT, we are proud to support recreation departments in achieving greater safety.

Speaking with recreation managers and coordinators every day, we are often asked, “How is ePACT any different than a recreation management system?”

Today, we bring you the answer!

The Right Information

Recreation management systems were designed to help your members register for programs, renew their membership, or book a meeting room.  ePACT complements your recreation management system to help ensure the safety and care of your members. Our emergency network was designed to help recreation departments collect the right emergency information in order to properly support their members.  Whether it’s specifics on allergies, immunizations, or the administration of medications, ePACT helps you easily collect this information and access it in the event of an emergency.

ePACT's forms collect the exact level of information your recreation department needs.
ePACT’s forms collect the exact level of information your recreation department needs.

Safe Data Storage and Compliance

If you’re concerned with the privacy and security of collecting and storing this information online, ePACT ensures that your department will be compliant with privacy acts, such as HIPAA and FOIPPA.

To further enhance the privacy of emergency data, you can authorize your rec staff to have access to all your member emergency records or just the members they’re responsible for. For example, your camp leaders can be set up to only view the camper medical and emergency information for the campers in their session.

Improved Access

With recreation management systems, system access is limited.  Those on the front line, like camp counsellors, instructors, and program leaders, don’t have the ability to view real time data when they’re out supporting your members.  With ePACT, you and any staff you authorize will have quick and secure access to emergency contacts, medication instructions, medical history and more.

Whether it’s a field trip to the aquarium, or a day camp canoe trip, ePACT’s Mobile App allows your staff to access this information on the road.  Gone are the days of carrying around binders full of forms or zip-lock bags full of index cards.  Our secure, password-protected app ensures this information can be accessed anytime, anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

Happier Parents

Let’s face it – parents are busy! Completing the same forms for multiple programs can be tedious and time consuming.

ePACT solves this by enabling your families with a single emergency record to share across multiple programs in your department.  Parents love ePACT because they can input their information once and then share it with any program that requires their information – camps, aquatics, childcare, etc.  When there’s a change in their details – they discover their daughter is allergic to peanuts – they update it in their ePACT account and it’s updated for everyone!

Want to see how ePACT can benefit your recreation department?

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