Investor Overview


ePACT is your emergency network: connecting and sharing critical data and communications with over 1 million families, hundreds of organizations and communities across the US and Canada.

Despite it being 2019, the majority of organizations families rely on (e.g. community centers, schools, camps, clubs, sports) use PAPER FORMS to manage crucial emergency data. This includes:

  • contacts for parents/support people (nanny, grandparent, neighbor);
  • health data (allergies, medications, medical conditions);
  • injuries and concussions;
  • special needs and requirements;
  • and much more.

ePACT replaces the 900 MILLION paper forms used in North America, letting families create a single record they connect to organizations, friends and relatives who support them. For organizations, we reduce costs, risks and inefficiencies managing critical data needed day to day and in a crisis.

As the only emergency network of its kind, we’re able to ‘own’ communities as families use their free single record across multiple paying organizations, and our best-in-class privacy and security directly addresses legislative requirements for clients across the US and Canada.

With solid barriers to entry and high switching costs we’ve also been able to partner with software providers we once thought could be competitors, including the top two recreation management systems in the US: ACTIVE Network and VSI’s RecTrac.

We have a $5B TAM, with 16 validated markets, but are currently killing it focusing on community centers to start, serving cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Virginia Beach and 100s more. We have consistently doubled revenue YoY, but also have negative churn as our clients don’t just stay, but actively expand contracts.

By becoming THE family emergency record, while successfully ‘landing and expanding’ in 100s of communities, and building brand awareness through partnerships like the  Canadian Red Cross and US National Recreation & Parks Association, we are primed to skyrocket as massive market shifts push organizations away from paper and into ePACT!

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