ePACT for Hockey Associations – Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about ePACT for hockey associations

What is ePACT?

ePACT is an online emergency network that helps youth sports organizations eliminate the need for paper-based forms used for medical emergency information, emergency contacts, waivers, consents, and more.

Instead of having parents manually fill out the Player Medical History Form and Consent to Treat Form every year, they input the information once through ePACT’s secure, online network and share it with their association season after season.

Coaches and Team Managers can also access their players’ medical and contact details securely via web, mobile phone or tablet, and communicate to parents and emergency contacts in the event of an emergency (e.g. a player is injured, practice is cancelled, severe weather, etc.).

How secure is ePACT?

ePACT deals with very sensitive and confidential information, therefore the privacy and security of this data is paramount.  The security of ePACT is modelled after the security standards required for online banks, and in some cases ePACT exceeds those standards.  As a company, we are also FOIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act), PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliant.  Individuals have complete control over their ePACT account and only they can decide whom they share their information with.

Is ePACT approved by Hockey Canada?

Yes, ePACT has been approved by Hockey Canada as a viable replacement for the Hockey Canada Player Medical Information form.

Do families have to input their information into ePACT every season?

No. ePACT makes it easy for families, because they input their information once and it can then be shared with their association season after season.  If their information changes throughout the season, they can update it and it will automatically be updated for everyone at your association.                                  

We are required to shred medical forms at the end of each season.  How does this work with information stored online through ePACT?

At the end of each season, ePACT allows you to disconnect your association’s ePACT account from all your players’ ePACT medical records.  Once disconnected, you will no longer have access to their ePACT record. At the start of the following season, you can send out an ePACT Re-Confirmation invite to your parents, asking them to ensure their information is up to date and to re-share it with your association.

What happens if a Coach or Team Manager leaves our association or is terminated, but they still have ePACT records synced to their phone?

If such scenario occurs, your association has the ability to remove that individual from the system and the next time they log into their ePACT app, their login privileges will be revoked and ePACT will automatically wipe all ePACT records that have been synced to their phone.

How do we access records if there is limited or no internet connection in the arena?

ePACT provides your association with access to our ePACT mobile app. The app allows your Coaches and Team Managers to access medical records at anytime, even without an internet connection or cell service.

Does ePACT work well for smaller associations too?

The risk of injuries or the threat of an emergency is still prevalent, regardless of how many players participate in your association.  The response time to injuries and emergencies is critical and having this information instantly accessible through ePACT helps improve those response times and decrease risk.

How much does it all cost?

The costs for ePACT include an annual per player fee and a nominal one-time setup fee.  The per player fee starts at $3/per player/per year and the one-time setup fee is based on approximately how many players register for your association every season.

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