Supporting Kids with Special Medical Conditions

Helping kids with special medical conditions at camp

Meet Maya. She’s 12 years old and suffers from ADHD and panic attacks. She needs specialized care. How can we equip program staff so that Maya, and others with special medical conditions, can participate safely? Parents need reassurance that their child will be safe in the care of staff who are fully informed and equipped to respond appropriately. Staff need as much information as possible to prepare before camp and reference quickly whenever needed.

Helping kids like Maya thrive at camp

Maya sometimes has panic attacks in new situations. Her parents need to know that camp staff are aware of her triggers, can recognize the symptoms and know how to help her. Some of Maya’s information stays fairly constant – such as her condition, symptoms and treatment. Other details of her care may change – such as medication dosage and behavioral details. It’s essential that Maya’s parents can update staff in real-time whenever her details change.

Designed by adaptive program specialists

Designed by Adaptive Rec specialists, our Special Accommodations module can be included as part of the standard ePACT process for any organization. This feature complements the collection of emergency information and medical details, so that staff have everything they need to support their participants in one place.

3 categories of conditions

The Special Accommodations module includes three categories of conditions, with the option to provide additional information for any condition:

  • Diagnosed Physical Conditions – this includes conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Autism, or Cerebral Palsy
  • Mental, Behavioural and Emotional Conditions – this includes conditions such as anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD
  • Other Physical Considerations – this includes weakness in extremities, paralysis, and the use of devices such as crutches, braces, or pacemakers

Staff always have the option to view these critical details anytime, anywhere using the ePACT App.

Special Accommodations module

Here’s a quick snapshot of  ePACT’s Special Accommodation’s module and how it collects information about these various conditions and considerations:

Families select from a list of Diagnosed Physical Conditions, and have the option to provide information about other symptoms.


Families choose from a list of Mental, Behavioural, and Emotional conditions, and are prompted to provide additional details about diagnoses, triggers, symptoms, and frequency.


Families can choose from a list of additional Physical Considerations, and are prompted to provide additional details, including treatment and symptoms.


If you would like to chat about how your organization could use this module to support kids with special medical conditions, please ask us for a short demo.

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