Recreation Resource Center

Recreation Resource Center

Wondering how you can improve safety for your recreation organization? Whether you’re part of a Parks & Recreation Department, a YMCA, or a Camp, we’ve put together some helpful resources to learn more about ePACT, and provide your staff with ways to improve participant safety across all your programs.

BLOG: Recognizing Dangers & Emergencies in Recreation
Recreation organizations provide so many opportunities for families to enjoy camps, sports programs, and other activities throughout the year, so we’ve put together a few things to consider in your safety planning and preparedness.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Reality of Paper Forms
This graphic highlights the reality of collecting medical and emergency information on paper – a time consuming process for staff and families that is insecure and difficult to ensure information stays accurate and up-to-date.

WEBINAR: The Importance of Collecting Medical & Emergency Information for Your Customers
Our webinar with the National Recreation & Park Association highlights the types of critical information to collect from families, explores why many recreation organizations avoid collecting it, and suggests ways to get families to buy into the process.

BLOG: HIPAA for Recreation Organizations
This article shares the guidelines for the Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) as it applies to recreation organizations. Make sure that your organization gives proper attention to privacy and security so that sensitive health data is always protected.

CHECKLIST: Ensuring Your Camp Staff Provide the Best in Safety
This free checklist provides five areas to focus your safety processes and planning on. From preparing properly for all activities, to making or reviewing your emergency plan, this checklist helps you and your staff keep safety top of mind throughout all your programs.

OVERVIEW: Recreation / YMCA
This overview explains the challenges with paper forms, and how ePACT replaces your paper medical forms, waivers, and consents to reduce administration time, costs, and headaches, while making families’ lives easier and safer in the event of an emergency.

BLOG: 5 Reasons Why Recreation Organizations Use ePACT
This article highlights the top five reasons why recreation organizations across North America choose to use ePACT’s secure, cloud-based system to replace their paper medical forms, waivers, and consents process.

CASE STUDY: YMCA of Greater Brandywine
This case study shows how the YMCA of Greater Brandywine overcame challenges with manually collecting and tracking paper forms by using ePACT to centralize administration process and standardize operating processes across multiple programs.

BLOG: How ePACT Helps Your Recreation Organization Safely Manage Health Information
From placing account ownership in the hands of families, to limiting access and authorization with staff, this article explains how ePACT helps recreation organizations securely collect and manage families’ health and emergency information online.

CASE STUDY: San Francisco Recreation & Park Department
This case study shows how the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department implemented ePACT to improve the accuracy of the data collected from families, enhance security for families’ personal information, and standardize medical forms across multiple programs.

INFOGRAPHIC: How ePACT Complements Your Recreation Management System
Recreation or member management systems help families register for programs, renew their membership or book meeting rooms, and this graphic highlights how ePACT complements those systems to help your organization collect the right information from families.

Want to learn more about ePACT? Contact us to discuss how your recreation organization can benefit from replacing paper medical forms, improving participant safety, and ensuring happier families.

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